ZULAFOOD is closed right now.
1900 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Austin,  TX   78702
ZULAFOOD is closed right now.
$10 minimum  |  $$$$
Served with house mustard & Jalapeño apple jam. Priced per person.
Priced per slider.
Priced per person except for la carte.
All salads served over a bed of mixed greens with dressing served on the side. Half (serves 10- 15) & full (serves 20- 25).
Served on fresh baked bolillo rolls, Sweetish Hill ciabatta or brioche buns. Pre made up to 50, orders larger than 50 sandwiches will be served family style/"Build Your own". Turn any sandwich into a taco or salad for a gluten-free option at no additional charge. Priced per person.
Includes one 12'' wrap per person, whipped pimento cheese, baby spinach, pickled onion & seasonal fresh vegetables. Minimum order of 5 per selection & priced per person.
Priced per person.
Served with spicy ranch & red wine vinaigrette. Priced per person.
Minimum orders may apply based on availability. Priced per person.