ZULAFOOD is closed right now.
4500 Montrose
Houston,  TX   77006
ZULAFOOD is closed right now.
$10 minimum  |  $$$$
Steamed or pan fried. Make from scratch. Delivered with 5 sauces: Ginger soy, red chili oil, Kam’s jalapeno sauce, rice vinegar & sesame oil.
11 am- 4 pm Monday- Friday. Choice of white, brown or fried rice; wonton, egg drop or hot & sour soup; & with a crispy Chinese vegetable spring roll.
Appetizers: Cold Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls, spicy chilled cucumber skewers, jalapeño shrimp toast, shrimp toast, Lee see shrimp spring rolls, crab meat cream cheese spring rolls, vegetable spring rolls, imperial pork spring rolls or dumplings (steamed or pan fried, with chicken pork, vegetable or seafood). Salads: Rice vermicelli salad (chicken, tofu, beef or shrimp), phoenix boat lettuce wrap (chicken, tofu, beef or shrimp), Kam’s classic salad (chicken or shrimp) or basil chicken & cucumber salad (spicy cucumber salad with tomato, basil & chicken). Noodles: Lo mein (chicken, tofu, pork, beef or shrimp), chow Mein (chicken, tofu, pork, beef or shrimp), Singapore vermicelli (chicken & shrimp, tofu, beef or shrimp) or ho fan chicken (tofu, beef or shrimp). Entrée's: General Tso’s chicken, ginger chicken, sesame chicken, almond chicken, Szechwan (chicken, tofu, beef or shrimp), cashew (chicken, tofu, beef or shrimp), broccoli & vegetables (chicken, tofu, beef or shrimp), kung pao (c